Countering the Culture

“Countering the Culture” is AiG’s ongoing examination of how, from the book of Genesis, the Bible’s authority speaks with relevance to many of the hot button news and events of our day. For Christians, Countering the Culture seeks to help them become better informed believers and to embolden them to be more effective in engaging our culture with biblical truth. For non-Christians, we seek to proclaim the authority of the Bible and the gospel message with boldness.

News to Know

Get a biblical perspective on recent news, from cultural issues to global sociological events to discoveries that “confirm” evolution. As Christians, we must have answers to the questions of modern society, and looking at the news—if done in balance and with the right attitude—is an important way to understand the questions people have and will have.

Get Educated

Educational choices matter. In an increasingly anti-God culture, children and adults alike need to be equipped with solid, biblical answers to defend their faith. Visit our Education section for a wealth of resources for Sunday school and VBS, parenting, public school, homeschool, college, and more.

TV Reviews

Television programs influence the thinking of millions every day. Some popular shows actively seek to undermine the clear teaching and authority of God’s Word, so Christians need to be equipped to respond with biblical answers.

Movie Reviews

Like television, movies can impact how people think and what they believe. That’s why Answers in Genesis provides reviews to help moviegoers consider the worldview of popular films in the light of God’s Word.

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