Verity College Education

Indianapolis, IN

  • President

    Kevin McCray
  • Academic Dean

    John D. Bechtle
  • Bible Chair

    Jorge Rodriguez

What is Verity?

Imagine a college education program where knowing Jesus Christ is the goal, and sharing God's love is the mission. Organized in 2001 to help students obtain a fully accredited college degree in less time and for less money than other schools, Verity has become a leader in innovative Christian education. Located in Indianapolis, the 12th largest city in America, Verity offers many opportunities for ministry, internships and community activities. Campus students also benefit from live classroom instruction, student life, training in public speaking, and spiritual opportunities like Bible studies and chapel. Learn on-site at our Indianapolis campus, at home using the Distance Learning program, or begin earning credits during high school with Dual Enrollment. Looking for a place to know and grow? Consider Verity.


  • Degrees are granted by an institution with Regional-(MSCHE)

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