The Master’s University

Santa Clarita, CA

  • President

    John MacArthur
  • Academic Dean

    John Stead
  • Bible Chair

    Thomas Halstead
  • Science Chair

    Joseph W. Francis

The Master’s University is a private, four-year, Christian liberal arts university located in a beautiful canyon just north of Los Angeles.

In contrast to the liberalism and postmodernism that influences so many colleges and universities today, TMU offers students quality education built on a foundation of excellence and truth. Central to our core beliefs, TMU is committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and the truth of His Word. Our goal as an institution is to equip a new generation of young men and women with an accurate understanding of the Word of God combined with the skills and experience necessary for the work place, whether that is a medical doctor, a businessman, or a pastor. Our desire is to see our graduates enter into every area of the workplace and serve as a light in a world desperate to see the truth of the Bible and the love of Christ. With this being our mission, we believe that TMU is the ideal school for any student who desires to develop their academic skills to better serve the Lord. The Master’s University offers fifty-eight Bachelor’s Degrees, three Master of Arts degrees, and classes offered online. Our entire faculty upholds to the same doctrinal statement, seventy percent have their doctoral degree, and teach in a small class setting of an average of fifteen students per class. For more information visit us at


  • WASC
  • ACSI
  • NASM

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