Crossroads Bible College

Indianapolis, IN

  • President

    A. Charles Ware
  • Academic Dean

    Marcus Schrader
  • Bible Chair

    Marcus Schrader

Crossroads Bible College finds great strength in a unified perspective for our existence. Central to this perspective is the sovereign, transcendent, triune God who has revealed Himself to His creatures in His Word and in the world. We formulate our educational philosophy on God’s Word. Foundational to all facets of life are the presuppositions and conclusions one brings to bear on the significant questions of the world and our life in the world.

Our philosophy of life is based on our affirmation that God is self-existent and all life finds its origin in Him. Each human being is an image-bearer of God and is in a fallen state until redeemed by God’s grace.

Our philosophy of truth is based on our affirmation that truth is revealed by God and does not originate with humankind. In other words, all truth is God’s truth. But, because of our finite and fallen state, we are impaired in our ability to discover all known truth; thus, we are committed to know truth as revealed from God. The Bible is our basis for truth, and truth is the content of our teaching. Since knowledge is inseparable from reality and life, we educate not only for the acquisition of knowledge, but also for the purpose of life change.

Our philosophy of culture is based on our affirmation that God displays His glory by creating immense diversity within the unity of His cosmos. The inherent and equal value of being human remains unchanged despite differences in culture, gender, and ethnicity. At Crossroads, we rejoice in the diversity of the body of Christ. As a result, we are committed to learning together within a multiethnic cultural context so that we can love people by serving them in a variety of cultural contexts around the world.

Our philosophy of teaching is based on our desire for students to be biblically competent, spiritually mature, ministry skilled, socially compassionate, and ethnically sensitive servant leaders for the glory of God. We realize that students learn in different ways, therefore, our methods of teaching are varied and diverse. The ultimate aim of our teaching is to glorify God by bringing students into conformity to the image of Christ.


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