One Community at a Time—The Exciting Story of One Individual Making a Difference in His City

From a Ph.D. chemist in America’s “heartland”


This thrilling report demonstrates how one individual can start something in his city to impact his community with the message that the Bible can be trusted from the very first verse.

BACKGROUND: This thrilling report demonstrates how one individual can start something in his city-beginning with his own church leaders, and then convincing them to hold an Answers in Genesis conference-to impact his community with the message that the Bible can be trusted from the very first verse. One of the key targets in this man's city is a compromising Christian university just down the road from the church he attends, a church which hosted an AiG meeting many months ago.

We do not wish to identify the Christian university, for there are many people (including members of this writer's church) who are wanting to turn around this well-known Christian university regarding biblical authority and Genesis. Such a public exposure at this time might make the university leadership less receptive to those wishing to make a difference at that campus.

AiG hopes that many more individuals like this man will help reclaim the culture in America for biblical truths one community at a time.

Dear Ken and Mark:

I am home recovering from a minor surgery, and am taking time normally spent in church to update you [Ken Ham, AiG-USA president, and Mark Looy, VP of Outreach] on some of the fruits of your labor here in [city name withheld].

Church leaders are still talking about the impact on their hearts your presentation to us has had. Interest in our creation classes (both at the Bible School and in our Sunday school program) has never been greater. Senior staff are requesting vacation days not to take a trip somewhere but rather to attend the creation Sunday school program at 11:45 am (and instead of reporting to their regular duties in the three Sunday morning services!).

Scarcely a week has passed without a major occurrence of spreading the creation message within our family of ministries here at the church. This includes presentations prepared by Pastor D. and myself for primary and secondary students of our Christian school, promotion of young earth creation from the "pulpit," articles in the church's own magazine and its newspaper, repeated mention of your name and the Answers in Genesis ministry, the selling of several of your books in our church bookstore and a special "team-teach" this past Sunday night on creation vs. evolution (and old-earth compromise).

On one Sunday night, a "Creation" service (July 17) was a new first for us. I joined Pastor D. in team teaching this important subject for a large Sunday night crowd. This service was broadcast worldwide on the Internet and will be aired on television and/or radio in the near future. This was certainly a God-ordained hour for this event.

Much of the teaching was taken from AiG's Answers Book, Refuting Evolution as well your book The Lie-Evolution. We have recommended every family get a copy of at least one of your books and to buy one for someone who may not otherwise have the money to do so.

Time was taken at various points in the teaching to advertise your AiG work. At least one member of the state senate and the leading Republican candidate for governor were in attendance and gave a standing ovation for comments favorable to freeing teachers in the government schools to discuss creation in the science classes (and also identifying evolutionism as a religious belief unworthy of having an unqualified monopoly in our government schools).

The day after this Sunday creation event, the city newspaper printed a full page article on the creation vs. evolution debate. The article was slanted against the young earth view, but they did quote you, Ken, reasonably. It contained one quote from a geology professor [at the Christian university mentioned earlier] defending the big bang and an evolutionary view, and taking a jab at the young earth position.

I have been in communication with members of the university's board of regents, faculty, and administration (as well as friends of the school). President R. is asking questions and is not too pleased with the situation.

I am sensing a bold move of God taking place. Emails from me to the Director of the Office of Institutional Research have been forwarded to at least the natural science faculty and probably more. The Theistic Evolutionists and Progressive Creationists are feeling the heat from several directions.

I have suggested a "chair" be created for visiting lecturers to teach electives for one or two semesters that will promote the integrity of a straightforward reading of the first 11 chapters of the Bible. I invite you, Ken, to join me in believing and praying for God's enabling of this good endeavor. I have no formal tie to the university, but God has given me considerable influence indirectly (to my utter amazement).

Next month, churches around the world will turn their attention upon us in our annual convention. Many thousands will attend, and they will be given articles defending a young-earth position (scientific and biblical). I am confident that many leaders of international ministries who have promoted or tolerated an old earth teaching will have a life-changing experience. Our first prayer is to arrest the old earth yarns taught by these men and women of God. Conversations with folks supportive and close to some of the ministries have already been brought to the biblical position with little effort. People are hearing why a young earth is essential for the first time!

On July 24th , the church looked at the compromise view called the gap theory. At the close of this service (about 2,500 in attendance), Pastor D. called for those wanting to repent for believing in evolutionary ideas and compromise views to step forward. Among those who came forward was a couple visiting from out of town; he is the Superintendent of a public school (K-12) system and she is the Curriculum Specialist for that school district. They want materials to put in the hands of public school teachers willing to use them.

Following a TV broadcast (July 25) of one of our Creation Sunday Night teachings, our ministry received angry emails that our topic was not appreciated. But many more folks are streaming in their comments with joyful amazement, with such excitement that Pastor D. has decided to continue the Creation Sunday Night.

Ken and Mark, never have I been more excited about what God is doing here. I anticipated the resistance and anger from some, but in regards to the spiritual harvest we are reaping, God has exceeded abundantly above what I even imagined in my best dreams.

And that's not all that's happening

I have been allowed to start a creation training program for those attending our church. The program runs simultaneous to one of our three Sunday morning services. Attendees (ages 13 through adult) are watching AiG videos from our Christian Creation Resource Center, and then complete written exams covering the video materials. After 10 such exams are passed with a minimum score of 70%, they are awarded a certificate recognizing their thorough introduction to creation thinking and the creation resources available to us. Twelve persons have completed this in the weeks since your visit. Many more are working to complete this.

At the completion of 30 such exams, we will graduate the students from "Creation Thinking 1." Pastor D. is encouraging all leaders to complete at least the 10-video introduction, if schedule permits. At the completion of "Creation Thinking 1," students have the option to begin attending what will be called "Creation Thinking 2" for further training in Acts 17 evangelism, with 30 more video presentations (with exams). For those called of God to do so, graduation from Creation Thinking 1 enables them to enter a 10-week apprenticeship that will qualify them, on completion, to lead apologetic ministry groups within the church's family of ministries. I am planning for 40 to complete the apprenticeship by the end of next year.

Some of these are here to attend our Bible college next door. I know they will help take the creation message around the world. Others will multiply greatly our efforts and take over much of the week-to-week responsibilities of Sunday teachings. Some will be qualified to take over the creation class I am teaching at the Bible School here, enabling us to expand Creation/Genesis course offerings. Church leadership has mentioned the desire to eventually add a third-year option to the Bible School that will feature creation/apologetics (Acts 17 evangelism)!

So, our city will be ready when Answers in Genesis returns! Perhaps the major event we desire will be one of the first such large events in our new sanctuary.

Hearts are turning, Ken and Mark. Hearts are turning! God has forgiven us for not believing his Word in the past and contributing to the rise of unbelief in our land. We have repented for the unbelief and our sins are blotted out. Now God is bringing a day of refreshing to our souls and the labors we put our hands to will prosper in the name of Jesus.

We remain your fellow servants and recognize the call of God upon your life. I am personally praying for your spiritual strength, and for your faith walk to be characterized by the Lord's sanctifying power and joy. I will continue to intercede for your families to walk free of every bondage of darkness and joyfully follow in the footsteps of the Father of Lights.

- K.F., Ph.D.; Research Chemist, and part-time Bible school instructor and the designated coordinator/advisor for the integration of the creation message at his church.

To inquire how you or your church leadership can impact your community with the creation/gospel message, contact AiG about hosting an Answers in Genesis conference. Just go to for information. Several excellent speakers can give powerful, life-changing talks as God uses the creation message to penetrate hearts … and communities.


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