Reforming the Church, One Pastor at a Time

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This ministry is an important work—my prayer is that the Lord will reform the church by it.

–pastor at a Christian Leaders Meeting in British Columbia, Canada

Before AiG holds a major regional conference, we hold a Christian Leaders Meeting (CLM) to share our burden with local pastors. Based on comments like the one above, pastors are beginning to catch the vision!

A key part of AiG’s mission is no less than “the reformation of the church” (see our Mission Statement). This includes reaching the shepherds, as well as the sheep.

Below are some exciting comments from the 169 church leaders who attended the recent Christian Leaders Meeting in Abbotsford, British Columbia, where AiG will be holding a conference, 1–3 October. They recognize that, for Christians to find answers to the pressing issues of our day, the church must return to the true history of Genesis.

Excellent presentations—we need a revival in going back to the Word of God.

Thank you for fighting for the authority of God’s Word.

Best seminar I’ve ever attended.

Thank you for your ministry and your passion to glorify God and reach people for Jesus.

Excellent—we need to refocus on ‘foundation’ issues, especially with the school kids who are pulled apart by the secular view.

I have enjoyed tremendously the seminar! You got it right—too much emphasis on culture/entertainment but not on the Word!

Keep up the good work! It’s very strategic for today’s church.

The Need—Reformation

The modern church clearly needs more than revival, it needs reformation. Christians, by and large, have stood by while the secular world has attacked the foundations of our faith, in Genesis. It’s time to restore this foundation, where the gospel is under greatest attack.

AiG believes the church needs a reformation in the 21st century—like the Reformation of Martin Luther’s day.1

The Starting Point—Prayer and Pastors

But reformation doesn’t happen instantly. It must begin in each local assembly, one heart at a time. And one good place to start is with pastors.

Moreover, AiG recognizes that this is a spiritual battle, and so success depends on prayer to God. Throughout each week, AiG’s staff joins together in prayer, asking the Lord to prepare the hearts of people in each community. We begin praying months in advance of each meeting, beseeching God to prepare the hearts of believers—including pastors—for a radical change of heart.

The Powerful Message—Genesis Addresses Local Needs!

It’s amazing to see how the Lord prepares hearts for the message as we pray and plan for each conference. When our speakers arrive, the ground has already been prepared—the Lord has been at work. People are eager to hear that the Book of Genesis gives us both “the big picture” and answers to specific, local current issues, such as school violence, personal tragedy and racism! In British Columbia, for instance, people have become gravely concerned about the Prime Minister’s commitment to legalizing homosexual marriage. Genesis has the answer even for this (see “Creationism and the Problem of Homosexual Behaviour”).

Please Join Us in Prayer!

The meeting in Abbotsford, 1–3 October, is just one more building block in God’s patient work of reforming and rebuilding the church.

Please pray that the Lord will prepare the people in the Abbotsford area to hear His Word, recognizing its authority in every area. The world needs to hear a gospel that is founded on the rock-solid history in Genesis, impervious to the attacks of the enemy and ideal to meet the needs of our personal lives as well as our communities.

If you live in western Canada or the US Pacific Northwest, why not make plans to attend and invite your friends? We’d love to have you!


  1. Some church leaders might object that the analogy is inappropriate, since the church in Luther’s day was corrupt to the core, but the modern church is not so far gone. But the core cause of the church’s corruption in the early 1500s was biblical authority, and it has become increasingly clear that the modern church system has a serious problem in exactly this area. Churches, by and large, have been corrupted by an anti-biblical belief in millions of years, evolution, etc. This compromise of biblical history, including the origin of sin and death, has corrupted the church’s core message and seriously damaged its effectiveness in proclaiming the gospel and impacting the culture.


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