The Church a Training Ground

While parents are primarily responsible for training children, God also gave the church an essential role in spiritual education. Unfortunately most parents have let the church take it over completely, and the church has failed to equip their children and parents with a real understanding of how to know, defend, and share their faith.

The Church and Culture

When the church rejects the Bible’s authority in one area, should Christians be surprised that society does not take the Bible’s other teachings seriously? Why should anyone live by God’s Word if it is merely a flawed book that cannot be trusted?

Church in Decline?

It is unlikely that a single explanation accounts fully for the decline of mainline Protestant churches in the U.S., given that some other mainline churches remain strong. Nonetheless, compromise has not succeeded in drawing seekers to the church, contrary to what compromising Christians often claim.

NYC Schools Kick Out Churches

Thousands of churches all over the country rent—that is, pay money for—space in public schools on Sundays. But now, in New York City, that will change. Perhaps NYC’s Department of Education and judicial powers should look more closely at the Founding Fathers and the clear precedent they set for acceptable use of public buildings.

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