Ken Ham Delivers a Powerful and Moving Talk on “Rescuing Our Kids”


Our children are the future, so we must do all we can to train them up right. However, we are living in an increasingly secularized culture that makes it harder to bring up our children according to God’s Word. In his final keynote talk at this year’s Answers Mega Conference, Ken Ham exhorted that we need to rescue our kids from the evil one, from this evil age, from churches that compromise, from many Sunday schools, and from compromising Christian institutions.

Watch Ken Ham in the following video as he gives an outline of his talk:

The Problem

Ken said, “There has been a Genesis 3 attack ever since Genesis 3. I want to suggest to you that the Genesis 3 attack of the era we live in is evolution and millions of years.” Satan is a deceiver and a liar, which is why it is imperative to have the truth of God’s Word has our foundation. The whole armor of God starts with the belt of truth, and we must put on this armor starting with truth so that we will not give in to this secular culture.

Ken pointed out that “the secularists are out to capture our children.” Beyond the world’s efforts, he continued, “sadly, we have to rescue our children from many churches.” Ken stated, “Statistics indicate that two-thirds of children are walking away from the church,” which is why “we here at AiG are equipping [the children] with the whole armor of God so they won’t be one of the two-thirds.”

But what are we doing in our churches? We are telling stories. Ken Ham talked about this problem in the following challenge:

You tell me, in the modern vernacular, what does the word story mean? Fairy tale! . . . Let’s change our terminology because of this present evil age and where the attacks are at!

You know who is teaching apologetics? The public schools, TV, and places like that! . . . And what is happening in our homes and churches? “Let’s tell a story!”

Ken declared that, in many ways, God is not only judging the nation but also judging the church for not standing on the authority of the Word of God as it should. So what can we do about this?

The Solution

Ken Ham concluded the talk with an eye-opening call to action:
I believe we need a new reformation. . . . Most Christians are the same as the Israelites. There’s nothing new under the sun. . . . There’s a famine in the land. . . . Most of our seminaries haven’t trained pastors to deal with the Genesis 3 attack.

I suggest to you that the church is under judgment for compromising on His Word. . . . We need to humble ourselves and repent before a holy God. . . . When you go home, you need to, in a symbolic way, nail Genesis 1–11 on the door of churches and Christian colleges in this nation because that’s where the attack on God's Word is in this age.

One of the ways we can help is in our Sunday schools. Ken observed that a lot of the Sunday school material in the churches is just fluff and stuff, and in some ways, it does more harm than good in this era of history. That’s why AiG produced the Answers Bible Curriculum. It teaches through the Bible chronologically and also teaches apologetics and biblical authority. This curriculum gives greatly needed teaching for Sunday schools today.

Watch “Rescuing Our Children” for Free

As Ken Ham states in his blog post for today, you can now watch “Rescuing Our Children” for free on YouTube. To learn more about what we can do for our children, we encourage you to check out this video and pass it on to others. This message is an important one so that we can know how to rescue our children from this present evil age!

Testimony from Answers Mega Conference

Here is an exciting testimony from the Answers Mega Conference about Ken Ham’s talk:

This testimony is just a sample of the many testimonies we have received, and we praise God for them!

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