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Holding to Biblical Principles in a Sin-Cursed World


The next four sessions on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning covered difficulties we face in a sin-cursed world and then applied biblical principles to these issues. It is important to have a proper biblical foundation when facing everyday problems. If you have not had a chance to watch any of the sessions, you can still purchase access to so that you can watch all of the past talks (available until September 1). Also, you can watch Ken Ham’s first talk for free on YouTube, and tomorrow we have a special announcement regarding the second talk!

Bill Jack, Worldview Academy

Bill Jack’s talk, “Whatever!” addressed the idea of secularism. It is important to understand secularism so you can recognize it for what it is and defend against it.

A key word Bill used to illustrate his point was “whatever!” Many secularists use this word, and we have to be careful to realize that it can be dismissive and complacent. Bill Jack asked, “How many of you have gotten a ‘whatever’ response when you share your faith?” He noted, “Isn’t it interesting when people are willing to give that type of response for the big questions of life?”

Moreover, Bill said that “we’ve been trained to think secularly.” Not only do they give us a “whatever” answer, but we have been secularized to think that way as well! As Bill Jack stated, “Is it wrong to question authority? No, it depends on their heart attitude—does it not?” But as Bill said, “You know what secularism’s response is: ‘Why? Why should I ask questions?’” We must recognize secularism for it is and ask questions if necessary, making sure we are relying on God’s Word as the truth.

Bill’s key verse as an example of the “whatever of secularism” was Matthew 16:23. In this passage, Jesus strongly rebukes Peter’s dismissive and secular remark by saying, “‘Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.’”

Watch the following video by Bill Jack, giving a quick summary of his presentation:

Mark Coppenger, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Mark Coppenger, a professor of apologetics, spoke on “Bioethics for Christians 101.” Believers can face many ethical dilemmas in this fallen world, but thankfully we have God’s Word to base our thinking on. When people do not start with God’s Word, they encounter problems. Mark gave the audience many practical examples while applying the principles of Scripture.

An important biblical commandment is to love others as Christ loved us (John 13:34), and this commandment even applies in ethical situations. When we strive to have the love of God in all things, then decisions in certain situations become clear, such as giving your live to save another.

There were many other biblical concepts discussed as Mark brought up example after example of difficult situations including stem cells, abortion, suicide, having children, and many more.

Here is a short video by Mark as he explains his talk:

Mark Coppenger’s second talk, “The Inerrancy of Scripture,” dived into the authority of the Scripture in terms of inerrancy. Many people try to play games, attempting to get around the plain reading of Scripture in order to justify their actions in areas such as homosexual behavior. Those people do not fully embrace the inerrancy of Scripture.

Watch the following video as Mark gives a summary of his talk:

Steve Ham

Steve Ham’s talk, “In the Image of God,” went into details about this vital biblical concept and what it means to us. As Steve focused on the beginning of Genesis to explain this concept, he said, “You see a definite theme of worship in the first few chapters of Genesis.”

Steve pointed out an application of this principle by stating that he wants his children conformed to the image of God. However, the world wants children conformed to its image, so we must work hard to train our children in this secular world! Steve stated, “Everyone is made in the image of God, but not everyone is bearing His image.”

He said that we should raise our kids to know they are sinners and under God’s condemnation. This is depressing, but Jesus is our ultimate example: He bore the judgment of God. Steve said that Jesus is the ultimate One who reflects what we, being made the image of God, were supposed to be. Thanks be to God that He sent His Son to save us from our sin! Those who are in Christ are being transformed to be image bearers.

Steve challenged the listeners to make sure they know Christ and challenged Christians to put off the old self and put on the new and not be ashamed. He promoted the Begin book because it gives a very good contextualization of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

See this video by Steve Ham as he outlines his talk:


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