Who Defines Good and Bad?


From the first day of the Answers Mega Conference, the presentations were hard-hitting and pointed. The speakers proclaimed the truth and exhorted that we should not stray from it even a little. Yesterday was the first full day of talks, and it was no different as the speakers built upon the foundation of the previous day by discussing practical applications of the truth such as morality and dinosaurs.

Did you know that the evening sessions are publicly available to watch online? They can be viewed for free at www.answerslive.org. (Access to view the morning sessions can be purchased in our online store.) We encourage you to watch the evening sessions so that you may be more equipped to defend your faith. See the conference schedule for times of the presentations.

Dr. Tommy Mitchell, AiG–U.S.

Dr. Tommy Mitchell started the day with his talk “Good Without God?” He discussed the topic of morality in a secular world and if it is even possible to be good without God. Watch the following short video of Tommy explaining his topic:

Many people think that they are good. But Dr. Mitchell states, “You know what good people do to each other? . . . If people are good, explain these horrible acts.”

He goes on the say the following:

We are not good. We are all sinners. . . .

People do good acts. Why do they do good acts? . . . Romans 2:14–15 . . . It is written in everyone's heart. Call it a conscience. . . . We are all made in the image of God.

What does Tommy conclude? He says, “Can you be good without God? I think the answer is clearly no.” God has defined good and bad as we can see from reading His Word—the history book of the universe that gives us a foundation for morality. If you take God out the picture, then nothing remains.

Bodie Hodge, AiG–U.S.

Bodie Hodge gave his presentation on “Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Bible.” Watch this short video of Bodie Hodge as he gives a summary of his talk:

Bodie discusses the question, “Were dinosaurs dragons?” There are many dragon legends around the world, yet dragons are mostly classified as myth. Why is that? You can find out more about this subject in the article Dragons: Fact or Fable?

Bodie also asked, “Why don’t we find dinosaurs today?” He goes on to observe that the world says they evolved into birds, but all this only takes birds and tries to make them look like dinosaurs. Read the article Did Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds? for more helpful information on this issue.

But what really happened to the dinosaurs? Bodie says that they have been dying out because of sin. It is that simple. For more on this topic, read What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?

The main point to remember from Bodie’s presentation is when we use God’s Word as our starting point, we can see that its history regarding dinosaurs is true, and the Bible is also true with regard to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Todd Friel, Wretched Radio and Wretched TV

Todd Friel had two presentations yesterday filled with very interesting and relevant topics in this highly charged political age (he also had a bonus session for the teens late in the evening). The first talk was on “The Homosexual War” where he stated, “I would like to suggest we distinguish between our enemies [who proclaim a false gospel] and victims of our enemies [deceived sinners in need of a savior].” Having these distinctions is very important, because, if we are not careful, we can miss opportunities to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

In his second talk, “Law and Gospel Distinction: Knowing the Difference Will Bring You Joy,” Todd stated, “Our culture does not know the law today, so when you say, ‘Sinner, repent of your sins,’ they say, ‘What is that?’ . . . We must open up the need for the law, so they can be open to the gospel.”

Watch this video of Todd Friel where he explains his talks (you will also get a taste of his humor):

Eric Hovind, Creation Today

Eric Hovind’s presentation, “Proof of God: Foundation of the Evidence,” gave the audience a defensible reason for their faith so that they can be ready when someone may ask. Check out this short video of Eric Hovind discussing his talk:

What will it take to convince an atheist? Eric Hovind of Creation Today said, “Evidence isn’t the issue. They do not want to believe it. . . . The Bible says they are willingly ignorant. They really do not want to know the truth.”

Eric also stated, “Without God, we can’t know anything.” He put forth a question to the audience: Is it possible with our limited knowledge that we could be wrong on something compared to all the knowledge that is out there? Yes, it is possible. So how can we know anything? Well, our God the Creator is all-knowing, and He has shared truth with us through His Word.

An implication of the atheistic worldview is that it is impossible to know anything. Some atheists say just that. But if it were impossible to know anything, then they could not know that it is impossible to know anything.

Watch Ken’s Talk for Free!

Many of the presentations given at the Answers Mega Conference will be made available for purchase at a later date. For now, you can watch the video of Ken Ham’s first talk for free. See his blog post for further details.

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