The 2011 Answers for Pastors Conference Is Underway


The 2011 Answers for Pastors conference kicked off this morning at the Creation Museum’s new auditorium, Legacy Hall. A large number of pastors from all over the country gathered as they waited to hear from the first speaker.

Following some introductions and announcements, Dr. Al Mohler gave the first presentation of the day entitled, “Right from the Start: Creation and the Gospel in One Storyline.” Dr. Mohler opened his presentation by stressing the seriousness of the pastor’s duty to trust all of Scripture and faithfully proclaim the truth to their congregations. By highlighting some of the “warning passages” in Hebrews, he showed how important it is to remain bold rather than shrinking back when challenges arise.

He went on to explain the roots of many problems we face in today’s church. While there have always been those who have sought to make Christianity look respectable to an unbelieving world, many of today’s issues can be directly linked to the rise of liberal theology in the nineteenth century. Theological liberalism does not begin with a person saying, “Hey, I want to be a theological liberal.” Instead, it begins when someone tries to “make peace” with unbiblical teachings. Dr. Mohler proclaimed that theological liberalism is nothing but a series of “rescue attempts” made by people who are trying to make peace with challenges to the gospel. They mistakenly believe they can rescue the Christianity by making it seem intellectually relevant.

For example, Princeton was once a bastion of theological orthodoxy, yet with the rise of Darwinism and old-earth beliefs, many of the theologians practiced what Dr. Mohler called “naive concordism.” While they did not set out to reject the inerrancy and authority of Scripture, men like Hodge and Warfield failed to understand that Darwinism and Genesis cannot be reconciled. They believed that one day reconciliation could be reached between these views, but that is impossible since Darwinism is rooted in an anti-supernatural philosophy. As such, these men naively thought a concord (agreement) could be attained between these two opposing views.

Dr. Mohler also stressed the importance of trusting God in every area of Scripture. He said, “If you change how it begins, you change how it ends. If you don’t get it right from the start then you don’t have the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.” As we have stated many times, a person who believes in an old earth can certainly love the Lord Jesus Christ, but they are inconsistent in how they approach His Word and do not realize how their reinterpretations of Genesis are tantamount to unbelief in that area.

Please continue to check back for more updates from the conference. We have several more informative and important talks lined up.

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