Tuesday Afternoon at the Apologetics Mega Conference


Tuesday afternoon included the most talks of any portion of the conference schedule. There were breakout sessions led by Dr. Georgia Purdom that focused on biblical womanhood and common questions asked by kids. There were also three sessions in the main auditorium.

So far the mood around here has been very exciting. The attendees I've spoken with have been very grateful for the teaching they are receiving. We pray that this conference will have a far-reaching impact as people are trained in the truth of God's Word and that they will be more effective in defending and sharing their faith upon returning home.

Dr. Charles Ware: Faith Trumps Shame

Dr. Ware delivered an impassioned lecture on the importance of trusting God’s Word and how we do not need to be ashamed of our faith in God. God’s Word makes better sense of the world we see than “some naturalistic, materialistic big bang theory.” This is especially when it comes to the issues of death and suffering. Dr. Ware shared some of his intimate personal struggles with suffering, including the paralysis of his son and loss of his mother to cancer. He said that during these times he couldn’t place his faith in blind random chance because it couldn’t do anything for him. But God has always been faithful to carry him and his family through these difficult circumstances. He ended with a call for us to not be ashamed of boldly proclaiming the truth of God’s Word.

Dr. Georgia Purdom: Biblical Womanhood

In a talk geared primarily to women, Dr. Purdom stressed the importance of building our view of womanhood on Scripture. The world tells us that womanhood refers to the qualities appropriate to or representative of women, but Dr. Purdom adds the phrase “as determined by God’s Word” to this definition.

Dr. Purdom highlighted some of the ever-changing views on womanhood in society. Some evolutionists like Charles Darwin and Gustave Le Bon argued that female brains were not as evolved as male brains. Some modern feminists have attempted to elevate the female to a greater status than man. However, the Bible is very clear that male and female have equal value before God, but we have different roles.

John Piper has stated that wimpy theology makes wimpy women. Too many Christian resources and conferences geared toward women are more like cheerleaders—they may emotionally inspire a person, but they do not teach or instruct. They are like cotton candy—they taste good but are mostly air. God’s Word must not simply be the decoration on the cake, it must be the cake itself, because it needs to be central and foundational.

Finally, our world says that the Bible suppresses women, but this is false. Women are considered as equals and play a very special role in God’s program for humanity. The Savior was born of a woman. God has made men and women different, and only when we live according to His plan for our lives will we find true joy and peace.

Dr. Steven Boyd: Text, Time, and Titanic Forces

Dr. Boyd holds advanced degrees in physics and Old Testament and Semitics, as well as a PhD in Hebraic and Cognate studies. He is a faculty member at The Master’s College, specializing in biblical Hebrew and Old Testament studies. He was a member of the RATE group and is now a member of The Cataclysm Chronology Research Group.

This talk focused on the chronology of the Flood account. Up through the sixteenth century, the majority of Western people believed the earth was created around 4,000 BC and that there was a worldwide Flood in Noah’s day. However, within 100 years of the Reformation, the Flood account came under attack by people with a bitter hatred for God’s Word. These men picked up on apparent inconsistencies in the chronology of the Flood account. Some of the details are a bit ambiguous, such as whether or not there were 40 days of rain plus another 150 days of rising water, or if the water only rose for the first 150 days.

The Cataclysm Chronology Research Group seeks to determine a conclusive chronology of the Flood account using every available resource.

Dr. Georgia Purdom: Most-Asked Questions by Kids

Dr. Purdom’s second talk of the afternoon dealt with five of the most commonly asked questions we receive from young people. Here is a list of the five issues she addressed:

  • What about dinosaurs?
  • What about aliens?
  • Why do we look different?
  • How old is the earth/universe?
  • Why is there death and suffering?
In addition to dealing with these questions, Dr. Purdom explained some of the reasons why so many young people ask them. Young people are consistently told from various places within society that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and that aliens probably exist somewhere in our huge universe. They also struggle to make sense of the violence they see in the world around them, even in their own schools.

Answers in Genesis has several resources that are designed to teach young people the answers to these questions and to share the truth with their friends. Here are some links to a few of them:

Ken Ham: Compromise and the State of the Church—Part 2

This presentation picked up where last night's talk left off. Ken shared some of the research used as the basis for his new book, Already Compromised. Last night's talk focused on many of the leading pastors, professors, and other church leaders who are telling people they can believe in evolution and/or billions of years. Today's presentation showed just how prevalent this teaching is in the various Christian colleges and universities around the country.

America's Research Group sent surveys to 200 schools to get feedback from the president, vice president, head of the religion department, and head of the science department. The questions focused on what these individuals believed and what was being taught in the school. The research showed that many of these colleges are sending mixed messages. Incredibly, the science departments are far more biblical in the areas of the age of the earth and extent of the Flood than the Bible departments are. Another sad statistic is that many of the college presidents are unaware of what is being taught in their schools.

The purpose of this book and talk was not to slam individual schools, but to highlight the real problems that exist in Christian higher education and to train parents to ask probing questions to make sure they know what their children will be taught if they attend that school.

My next post will summarize the evening sessions from Tuesday night. Thanks for reading!

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