The Blessings of Sharing God's Word with Folks


Jenna Dee Martin just mentioned that this year she’s already had some of the best conversations with teachers that she’s had in the last 7 years. Dr. Jobe Martin (of Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution fame) and his wife have faithfully volunteered for the last 7 years at this outreach. They are a real blessing to AiG and the Christian community at large. They are currently working on a new DVD called “Creation Proclaims!” They will be working with Dan Breeding on this new video. Please pray that this new show would be used by the Lord to edify the saints and challenge unbelievers with the truth of God’s word.

Here's one out of many folks who have taken their picture with our dino T-Rex head.



After having her picture taken with the dinosaur, this lady talked with Dr. Martin and received a few DVDs. Praise the Lord! The Lord is using this dino to really bring them in!


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