Welcome to AiG's Annual NEA Ministry Outreach for 2008


Praise the Lord that He has given us another opportunity to preach the gospel of grace for thousands of public school teachers and administrators.  For the last twelve years Answers in Genesis has had the privilege of manning a booth at the annual National Education Association's national conference.  As in previous years, the Creation Science Educator's Caucus (started by a Christian teacher and avid AiG supporter) has invited us to participate in this outreach to about 10,000 public school teachers, principals and administrators. Through faithful supporters who donate specifically to AiG's "Education Fund", AiG has donated thousands upon thousands of free materials to this booth. We also supply many of the volunteers for manning the booth.

Each year we've had a different theme for the booth. Prior year themes include "Evolution Exposed", "Evolution Fuels Racism", "Refuting Evolution", "Propaganda in the Classroom", etc. This year's theme is the "Get Educated at the Creation Museum!" and we are giving away for free 3000 Creation Museum DVDs! In addition we are handing out thousands of other books, DVDs and booklets. We also have 200 complimentary tickets to the Creation Museum that we will give to folks who are interested in visiting.

In case you are not familiar with the NEA, it is the largest public school teachers union and it's policies are very ungodly such as being pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, etc. Over the years AiG's presence at this secular conference has met with mocking, scoffing, taunts, arguments, debates, etc. At the same time, there are numerous Christians public school teachers who are very glad to have us here and annually come up to our booth to see what new materials we have.

Please pray for this outreach that many folks will hear the message of the authority of God's word and turn to Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. The gospel of Jesus Christis preeminent at Answers in Genesis and this outreach is one of the ways that we are directly evangelizing the lost world. This is real 'creation evangelism' where the rubber meets the road.

Here are a few pictures taken while we setup the booth.

Arriving at the booth

The brand spanking new booth before we unload tons of God honoring materials upon it.


Tom unpacking

Tom unpacking the hundreds of boxes of free materials that we pray God will use to change lives for His glory.


Almost done

We brought a T-Rex head to gain interest and keep folks around a bit longer, that we might engage them in conversation. Pray that we'll have many meaningful conversations focused on Jesus and His word that proclaims Him as Creator and Savior.

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