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One of the greatest highlights of this year’s ministry!


Last year one of the highlights of AiG’s NEA outreach was being used by God to encourage a first year delegate’s heart. A Christian teacher named Sarah came by the booth in tears of joy because she was so happy to see fellow Christians standing up for the truth in the midst of an overwhelming darkness. Jenna Dee and I talked with her for about half an hour and we all left very uplifted and encouraged.

This year Sarah dropped by the booth again. She talked with Frank and me for a while and we were so encouraged by her testimony of how the Lord used the booth in her life. Apparently it strengthened her faith far more than we imagined. She stopped by to thank us for being there and told us that she was praying for us even before we arrived in Philadelphia. That was such a blessing to hear! Listen for yourself below and praise the Lord with us.

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