Four year old eager to preach the gospel at the NEA


This is my son, Stephen who is four years old. He was excited that Daddy was preaching the gospel at the NEA. We have been praying as a family for a long time for this outreach, so it was on his mind. I thank the Lord for my little guy. Please pray that Stephen would grow up to be a mighty man of God, preaching the gospel in all humility, perhaps one day at the NEA convention!

Below is a picture of my three oldest children along with their great friend Amber (Stephen's on the left). Amber is 12 years old and really did share God's truth with the NEA teachers for two whole days. She was there with her Dad and her 17 year old brother, Aaron. They were stalwarts, eagerly engaging and talking with the teachers about the truth of creation and even the gospel message. At one point a teacher asked Amber what she thought about Mormons. Amber told her the truth that they are not Christians, at which point the teacher walked away. Ric mentioned toward the end of the ministry how encouraging it was to see his son and young daughter sharing God's word with unbelievers. What a blessing!

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