Young Earth Creationist providentially wins last $100 prize drawing by ‘chance random processes’


  A woman named “Joy” shrieked out in joy as her name was called out over the loudspeaker system at our booth. Her survey was the second to be drawn (the first was not filled out completely and thus set aside). After I read out her name, I quickly glanced at the results of her survey and noticed that she was a professing Christian and believed that God created the earth thousands of years ago. Encouraged in the Lord, I shouted out ‘Praise the Lord!’ over the PA system. There was a lot of suspense and excited in the air as a crowd had formed around the booth to see the results of the drawing.

The prior day, after one of the winners had received the prize, she stated, “I’ve been reading these materials for years and it’s finally paid off!” We all had a good laugh at that one. I’m not exactly sure where she was coming from, but it was pretty funny at the moment. Either way, it was encouraging to hear that she really had been receiving our materials over the last few years.

I praise the Lord for the volunteer who suggested we hold this type of prize drawing. It really drew in many people who might not otherwise have stopped by. There were numerous times when folks who rejected our materials would stop in their tracks when we offered them to fill out the survey for a chance to win $100. That would then give us opportunity to ask them a few questions and share a few answers. So it really worked out well, praise the Lord.

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