Praise the Lord for a very successful first day at the NEA!


Join us in thanking the Lord for a tremendous day of sharing the truths of God's Word. There were so many good conversations where we presented either the truth of God in creation or the full gospel message. I'm so excited for these opportunities and rest in the fact that God's Word will not return to Him void, it will accomplish what He set it out to do. The new surveys we are doing this year seem to really help folks stay longer at the booth and allow us to get into a nice dialog with them. I count it a success every time I share the gospel, regardless of the reaction of the listener. To me, God's job is to do the convicting and conversion, mine is simply to present.

For some reason, the crowd was not as large today as they have been in previous years, so we have thousands of books and DVDs to still hand out. But I'm very encouraged by all the meaningful conversations I heard and saw take place. Unfortunately I was blogging much of the day and didn't get into as many talks as I would have liked! I did get to share the gospel with a professing Catholic who thought his good works would help get him into heaven (like I used to think previously as a Roman Catholic). Below is a picture of the gentleman. Please pray for him as Frank and I shared quite a bit of the redemption story with him.

I'd like to take the time to thank all of you who are praying for this outreach and the souls of men and women who we are sharing with. Without your prayers, all this would be in vain, so I thank you whole heartedly.

Amazingly, this year has followed the pattern of the last several where we seem to almost be getting more positive feedback than negative. I praise the Lord for the response and eagerness of the individuals who come by the booth and receive free materials. Below are some pictures.

A public school teacher eyes one of 1000 Dr. Tommy Mitchell DVDs we are handing out.

Pray for this professing Roman Catholic as by his own admission he is trusting in his good works to get him to Heaven. Frank and I spoke with him about the true gospel of grace for about 20 minutes.

Bill Craig (the founder of this caucus) waits patiently to engage a teacher while she fills out a survey for a chance at the $100 cash prize.

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