The Fun has Begun!


Praise God we have 14 people here at the booth!

Dr. Tommy Mitchell and his wife Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell (AiG speaker)

Dr. Cherian John (cardiologist, AiG supporter)

Dr. Jobe Martin and his wife Jenna Dee (creation ministry speaker see

Ric Nix and his two oldest children, Aaron 17 and Amber 12 (elder at my local church)

Tom Hill (accounting manager for AiG)

Frank Zitzman (AiG supporter)

Roger Patterson (author of Evolution Exposed, AiG staff member)

Bill Ballard (faithful supporter of this ministry for 10 years)

Bill Craig (retired NEA delegate who started this caucus)

Tony Ramsek (me)

Stay tuned for more pictures!! Keep praying! We are in the midst of it now. Thanks.

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