Setting up the booth!!


Here is a picture of Dr. Mitchell unloading his car into the main truck. We brought so much material that it did not fit in the AiG supplied truck. Tom Hill also had a load of boxes in his car.  Two cars

Here's the booth brand spanking new.

Here's Roger and Dr. Mitchell putting up the banner. Tommy was there primarily for moral support.

Here's Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell helping to unload the truck.

Boxes everywhere in this picture!

Almost done with the setup! Roger Patterson (the big guy), Dr. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell, and Tom Hill.
setup booth

Roger storing extra materials that won't fit on the tables! All of the tables were completely filled on top and the extra boxes could barely fit underneath all the tables.

The finished product, praise the Lord for all the good that will come from this outreach. May His name be magnified!

We prayed as soon as we arrived at the empty booth and after everything was unpacked and setup. Please join with us in praying for our words, that they would be God's words and for God to use His truth in teachers' lives.

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