NEA Delegates to hear the answer to the oft-quoted "If there's a God of Love, Why is there Death and Suffering?"


Praise the Lord that AiG is donating 1000 of Dr. Tommy Mitchell's DVDs on "A God of Suffering?" to the Creation Science Educators' Caucus. Remember that AiG is not at the NEA conference 'officially' as Answers in Genesis. We are simply donating materials and manpower to the NEA Creation Science Educators' Caucus which was started by a Christian public school teacher 11 years ago. Dr. Mitchell will be at the booth handing out this DVD along with thousands of other resources. We are very excited to see how the Lord will work through Tommy over the next few days.

Month after month the world witnesses hurricanes, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, tsunamis and myriad other life-shattering events. It is quite understandable, therefore, that men and women demand a logical answer to the question, “Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?” That question is answered here.

This unique new DVD was shot on-location in the hurricane-ravaged community of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Documentary footage complements the illustrated presentation of AiG speaker and medical internist Dr. Tommy Mitchell. (Includes bonus footage about the special relief effort funded by the generosity of AiG donors to bring backpacks filled with school supplies to thousands of public school students “in the love of Jesus Christ.”)

Dr. Tommy Mitchell is the latest dynamic lecturer to be added to AiG-USA’s growing speaking staff. Tommy, an adjunct speaker with Answers in Genesis since mid-2005, has spoken to thousands of adults, youth, and children in a variety of settings, clearly communicating reasons to trust the Bible and the Creator Christ who wrote it. He has written articles for AiG’s website and other publications, and he was the featured speaker during Answers in Genesis’ relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, resulting in a Telly award-winning DVD, A God of Suffering?

Dr. Mitchell’s talks include: 1) a well-illustrated “relevance of creation” presentation explaining why the book of Genesis is so important in today’s “culture wars” and for the church, 2) a series of specialized talks addressing tough issues such as why a loving God allows disease, suffering and death, and 3) presentations for both adults and children about Noah’s ark, dinosaurs, the age of the earth, and other interesting subjects about which today’s Christians need to have answers.

As a scientist, physician, and father, Dr. Mitchell has a burden to provide solid answers from the Bible to equip people to stand in the face of personal tragedy and popular evolutionary misinformation. Using communication skills developed over many years of medical practice, he is able to connect with people at all educational levels and unveil the truth that can change their lives.

Keep praying for Dr. Mitchell and the rest of the team at the NEA conference! 

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