The 2007 Answers in Genesis NEA Ministry Outreach has begun


About half of the volunteers arrived tonight into the heart of Philadelphia. Tomorrow morning we will go to the Philadelphia Convention Center and setup the "Creation Science Educators' Caucus" booth. The theme for this year is EVOLUTION EXPOSED as we are giving away 1500 of these books for free to public school educators this year. The author of said book is former public school teacher Roger Patterson. He will be at the booth handing out thousands of free materials including booklets, DVDs, etc.

Roger Patterson earned his B.S. Ed. degree in biology from Montana State University. Before coming to work at Answers in Genesis, he taught for eight years in Wyoming’s public school system and assisted the Wyoming Department of Education in developing assessments and standards for children in public schools. As a former evolutionist, Roger is well acquainted with the mounting pressures that educators face from pro-evolutionary co-workers, administrators, publishers and parents.

He encourages all who read this book to pray for courage for Christian students to challenge evolutionary ideas in their classrooms, and to pray for the men and women who are teaching tomorrows leaders, today.

Evolution Exposed is a 'survival guide' for biology class. This book helps teens to discern the chronic bias towards belief in evolution that permeates today’s three most popular high school biology textbooks. Virtually every chapter in each of the secular textbooks contains implied or explicit references to evolutionary beliefs, which are misrepresented as irrefutable facts. However, in Evolution Exposed these misrepresentations are cross-referenced with online articles and publications that provide both scientific and biblical answers. Key terms are defined, articles are summarized and false ideas are refuted. Evolution Exposed is thoroughly indexed by topic so anyone can use it as a reference. Christian students are equipped and inspired to recognize and respectfully challenge evolutionary indoctrination (in class, research papers, and normal interactions outside of school). Using tables, web links, charts and illustrations, documented facts that counter evolutionary teaching in a powerful and organized fashion are synchronized with each textbook’s sequence.

Prayerfully getting this book into the hands of public school teachers will be used by the Lord to open up eyes and hearts to the truth that the God of the Bible is the Creator and that Jesus Christ, His Son is the only mediator between sinful man and a holy God. We see this outreach as a type of pre-evangelism (though we do share the full gospel as much as we can as well). The creation/evolution topic is a great segue into the gospel presentation. Prayerfully over the next few days, you'll see some of that happening at the booth (via pictures, video, audio recording, etc). Keep praying!!

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