God is doing a work here.


Praise the Lord the booth is very busy. People are coming in and browsing the book tables and taking multiple items at a time. One lady teacher spoke with one of our volunteers for about 20 minutes and was most upset. She was appealing to cro-magnon man, etc. for proof of evolution. She was convinced that carbon dating proves evolution. She was very upset that anyone would bring religion into the classroom. We gave her materials, answered her graciously and prayed for her all the while. Please keep asking God to change hearts and open minds to His truth. May the Lord be glorified in this work of His. A few comments follow:

After arriving at the booth, “You guys are wonderful!”

Our volunteer asks, “Have you seen Inherit the Wind?” “Seen it? I teach it!” “This is a comparison of some of the problems with the movie’s ‘facts’ and true history” “Oh, thank you. I’ll take it!”

We are getting numerous folks who came by last year and are looking for our new “additions” to receive.

A person rejected the materials and stated, ”Just because I’m a biology teacher doesn't mean I’m not a Christian.”

Mirren Martin asks, “Do you want a free DVD?” Response from teacher, “You have to be kidding me.”

After rejecting DVD: “I am totally open-minded. I just don’t need to know anything you say.”

Husband and wife come over. Husband condescendingly says to wife “These are all ‘creationist’ materials”. Wife says, “Yeah I know. I want to watch it because the kids are always bringing it up in class.”.

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