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Summary of first day


Greetings everyone, it's Tony again. I hope you all have enjoyed the blog and prayed for the folks that we are talking with. All the volunteers have been encouraged to see how many folks are actually responding with joy that we are here giving away the materials. A few positive responses follow:

After given a "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made" DVD: "Oh thank you! I like that."

"My Lord! Thank you Jesus!" "What can I take to my church library?" "I'll tell other Christians I meet to come over."

After receving some materials, one person said, "Brave souls, brave souls."

"Where's the one on gay marriage?" [Given booklet] "Oh, i was hoping it was a video."

So thank you all for praying and thank the Lord for a great day of proclaiming His name! God has blessed us today! Praise His name for His work in and through us!

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