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To our great pleasure, we have two doctors volunteering to pass out materials. One is a heart specialist and the other is a dentist who also has a Th.M. Both have brought their families and they are really engaging the teachers. We are using every opportunity to teach folks the truth about creation and the Creator. We are unabashedly presuppositional in our apologetics. We are explicitly talking about the God of the Bible and a literal Genesis with a six day creation. You won't find any of our volunteers talking about an unknown designer. May the name of the Lord be glorified! Matthew D'orozio is currently talking with a self professed 'skeptic' for about half an hour. Pray for both. Thanks,

Update: this gentleman has said, "I want to believe but I have never seen proof....I am a skeptic...What about the creation organizations out there who are against teaching science?" Etc, etc. So please pray. They just finished up with friendly handshakes all around. Praise the Lord! Pray that the truth shared would convict him of sin, righteousness and judgement.

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