In the heat of the battle!


Greetings everyone,

Our team of 11 people devoted to passing on God's truth are manning the booth right now! In addition to the 2000 “Scopes Trial” DVDs and 2000 “Scopes Trial” booklets, we are also giving away for free 1000 of Dr. David Menton’s DVD called “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”. Teachers are eating up these DVDs. Please continue to pray for us and the teachers. Here are a few random comments from various people who have been by the booth.

“Evolution is truth and you are a liar.”

“I’m a science teacher and none of this would be of use to me.”

“You are all wrong; there is no use listening to you.”

“You’re not going to change my mind ââ?¬â?? trust me. I went to a Jesuit college.”

This is just the beginning, so please keep on praying!

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