“I hate Christians”


This was one of the statements I (Matthew D’Orazio) made after watching the movie Inherit the Wind back in my high school English class (before I became a Christian). My disdain for Christians seemed to heighten after watching this movie. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should! Just to see how Christians are portrayed; as ignorant, judgmental, close-minded legalists that continue to believe in a false, “out-dated” religious book. Then, watch Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial by Dr. David Menton. Which if you were here at the NEA you could have gotten for free.

Dr. Menton reveals numerous inaccuracies in the movie that portrayed the Scope’s “Monkey” Trial. One example is that the movie shows Bert Cates (John Scopes) teaching evolution when in reality he never actually taught it. Another scene (the one that influenced my above comment) was where the Reverend Jeremiah Brown (a fictional character with no counterpart in real life) and a mob of “Christians” get together outside the jail and condemn Bert Cates. The Rev. Brown also calls down fire to consume Bert Cates and, when he finds out his daughter is dating Bert, he immediately disowns her and asks God to do the same to her. Yet, this NEVER happened, a complete fabrication. This is how Christians are portrayed in the movie.

Now you know why we’re passing out free DVD’s and booklets. This movie (work of fiction, propaganda, whatever you want to call it) has been and is being shown in science, history and English classes, influencing children and teenagers. Just as I was influenced and misled by the movie it’s possible that your children, or even you, have been misled by this propaganda. Please, get the DVD or booklet and find out the truth.

Thanks for reading and praying!

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