“Give me empirical proof that there is a God”


This is Matthew D’Orazi blogging. Earlier, I finished speaking with a very kind and polite gentleman (as Tony noted). He told me that he was searching, but he wanted empirical proof for God. Unfortunately, many non-Christians (and even Christians) don’t realize that we can’t prove God exists (nor can anyone disprove His existence). If we could, what would be the purpose of faith? God wants us to believe in Him by faith, because without it we can not please Him (Hebrews 11:6).

I was quite nervous about how my first confrontation would go. Fortunately, God eased that by providing someone who was indeed searching. He was quite cordial and polite and asked a lot of questions. So, what about the empirical evidence (proof) for God?

Like I said, there isn’t any. Evidence has to be interpreted, and depending on what your presuppositions are, you will interpret evidence accordingly. One thing I continued to point out is that yes, I do believe that God exists and that the Bible is His word, but also that his belief in evolution was based on his faith in naturalism/materialism. As Christians, we need to remember that we always need to take skeptics back to the Bible; it is our axiom. If a skeptic asks you to “leave the Bible out of it” this would be like a soldier fighting without his armor or weapons (Ephesians 6:10-17). This would be like asking the skeptic to give up their axiom (naturalism/materialism) and use the Bible. A couple of books I would recommend are Always Ready and The Lie: Evolution.

With this skeptic, as with most (if not all), we went round and round about evidence and faith. We talked about the differences between molecules-to-man evolution and the needed increase of new genetic information (which as far as I know has never been observed) and natural selection, adaptation and speciation and how they either rearrange or lose already present genetic information. Unfortunately he left, I think, without really understanding the underlying issue. He did tell a joke though: “What do you get when you have an agnostic who is dyslexic and suffers from insomnia?” (Check back later for the answer).

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