A Change at the Last Minute!


Hi everyone,

Last week as we were preparing the order for materials to hand out at the NEA convention, a news release from the American Family Association passed our desk. The headline from June 19th read “National Education Association Set to Endorse Homosexual Marriage”. It was referencing a new proposal that would “promote homosexual marriage in public schools”. Because of this new controversial proposal, AiG determined to actively engage this battle at the front lines. Instead of creating a 6ft by 3ft banner on “Dinosaurs by Design”, we scrapped the draft of that banner and decided to go with a “Gay Marriage” themed banner and increased the number of Ken Ham’s booklets on the topic from 200 to 1500. Because of the offensive nature of the topic, the graphic on our banner may be seen as too sensitive for some eyes, but in the environment of the NEA, it is actually fairly tame. We’ll be posting pictures shortly. Please pray for us and the teachers!

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