10th year of NEA Outreach


Greetings everyone. We’re excited once again to be able to walk through this door that God has opened for 10 years in a row. The NEA stands for the National Education Association which is the nation’s largest public school teacher’s union. Every year there is a convention which brings together anywhere from 12 to 20 thousand teachers, principals, superintendents and other administrators. Ten years ago an NEA delegate, a Christian public school teacher, created the “NEA Creation Science Educators Caucus” and Answers in Genesis has been pleased to donate both time and material to give away to these public school teachers. Every year we hand out thousands of books and thousands of DVDs and thousands of booklets, etc. to the NEA delegates that pass by our booth.

The main purpose of this outreach is to get material that proclaims the authority of God’s Word and the truth of Creation into these folks hands. We usually have about 10 or so people manning the 10x20 foot booth. In the process of giving away a free book or free DVD, we have lots of opportunity for conversation with the school teachers. This is where we covet your prayers because though we are able, by the grace of God, to give to every man an answer, it is the Spirit of God who changes hearts and minds.

The theme this year is "Propaganda in the Classroom" emblazed on a 20 foot banner. In smaller type the banner says “Inherit the Wind: Revisionist Piece Distorts the Facts of the Scopes Trial”. We will be giving away 2000 of Dr. David Menton’s DVDs exposing the play and movie as well as 2000 of the brand new booklets. Please pray that God would change hearts this weekend. Keep checking on this blog as we hope to have multiple postings throughout the day.

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