Is This Christian Astronaut Lying to You?

by Ken Ham on April 7, 2023
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Do people actually believe in a flat earth? Yes, there are people today—including a number of Christians—who actually do believe in a flat earth. This all may sound like some sort of joke, but the proponents of a flat earth are very serious, and sadly we’ve heard many testimonies of how a “conversion” to believing in a flat earth has even destroyed families, churches, and people’s Christian witness (they go from proclaiming Christ and him crucified to proclaiming a flat earth instead!).

I have a friend who is not only a dedicated Christian with an active ministry to proclaim God’s Word and the gospel but is also an astronaut. Captain Barry E. Wilmore has been on the space shuttle and the International Space Station. He has shown me photos and videos he has taken of the earth in space. He sent me this video that shows clearly the earth is round, not flat. He described the short video taken while on the Space Station this way:

It was taken at the point in the earth’s orbit around the sun where the International Space Station’s (ISS) orbit around the earth is perpendicular to the sun, therefore the sun never sets. The 13-second video is sped up to show a complete 90-minute ISS orbit around the earth as it travels at 17,500 mph. The solar arrays are evident as they track the sun.

When I’ve explained this video to some who claim they are flat-earthers, they’ve said this video can’t be real, and some even say there isn’t really a space station or satellites orbiting the earth. In reality, they are accusing this dedicated Christian astronaut of repeated, blatant lying! That’s a very serious accusation to make against a brother in Christ!

We should always take what anyone says and what we observe and hold it up to the authority of God’s Word.

Now, of course, we should always take what anyone says and what we observe and hold it up to the authority of God’s Word. And we should do the same with the words and videos from my astronaut friend. But when we do so, we see that the Bible doesn’t actually teach a flat earth. Those who believe the Bible does have been led astray by false teaching. (We have many resources on this topic such as this article or this more in-depth article or this book.)

The earth is not flat! Observational science confirms the earth is a globe, and God’s Word doesn’t teach a flat earth.

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