Tactile Tours Allow the Blind to “See” at the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum

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A frequent question on social media is, Are the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum wheelchair accessible? And the answer is absolutely! We even have lots of ECVs (Electronic Convenience Vehicles) available to rent if people need them. We want guests of all abilities to be able to come and enjoy both of these world-class Christian themed attractions in Northern Kentucky. Now, these attractions are much more than merely wheelchair accessible—we’ve designed an entire tactile experience so guests who are blind, visually impaired, or would otherwise benefit from such an experience can have an extraordinary visit, “seeing” with their hands.

These tactile tours are designed to include all family members and feature the following:

  • A tactile cart loaded with hands-on items to allow guests to “see” the Ark and the Creation Museum. At the Ark Encounter, the central element is a wooden scale model of the Ark, with objects such as tiny cars, a bus, and people to scale so all guests can try to experience how big the Ark is. At the Creation Museum, the central feature of the tactile experience is dinosaur fossils, allowing guests to experience our exhibits through the sense of touch.
  • A staff led hands-on interactive experience with animals from the Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark or the Eden Animal Experience at the Creation Museum.
  • A specially trained staff member who will lead the entire family or group through this unique experience, accommodating to various needs. (For example, if required, the tour can take place in a quiet room, away from distractions or over-stimulation.)
  • And more!
  • Ark Model Items
  • Tactile Cart Ark
  • Museum Tactile Cart
  • Museum Animal Experience

Braille Guides and Audio Tours

We also offer Braille guides at the Ark Encounter, with guides currently in development for the Creation Museum. These helpful guides provide the text from the exhibit signage in Braille so guests who are blind can read the signage for themselves.

We’re also currently recording a descriptive audio tour for the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum that will describe the visual elements of the exhibits and vocalize the text on the signs. At the Creation Museum, we have an enhanced audio tour, available in either English or Spanish, that goes into depth on many of the museum’s exhibits.

Family-Friendly Playgrounds

Both the Ark and the museum feature state-of-the-art family playgrounds. These have been designed with children of all abilities in mind, creating an inclusive environment so all children can play and have fun—and adults can also join them on the playground equipment.

  • Ark Playground Aerial
  • Ark Playground Music
  • Museum Playground
  • Museum Playground Swing

Many individuals and families have told us these experiences really enhanced their visit and that tactile tours, and other inclusive options, are difficult to find at other attractions.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer various features (and we continue to add them) for all guests who come to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. Many individuals and families have told us these experiences really enhanced their visit and that tactile tours, and other inclusive options, are difficult to find at other attractions.

We offer these special tactile tours, included with your Ark or museum admission, at both locations, every day, so there’s no need to schedule a tour in advance. Simply let a guest services member know as soon as you arrive to ensure you and your family take the tour that day.

Plan your visit today at ArkEncounter.com and CreationMuseum.org.

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