Incredible “One Race, One Blood” Pastors Conference Wraps Up

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Earlier this month, hundreds of pastors, leaders, and other believers from across the United States and other countries gathered in Williamstown, Kentucky, at the Ark Encounter in our new Answers Center for our annual Answers for Pastors and Leaders conference. This conference tackled the question of race from a biblical, scientific, and practical perspective. It was a remarkable conference, and attendees raved about the depth and quality of content.

The group of great speakers who joined me included AiG’s Bodie Hodge, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Joe Owen, and Dr. Georgia Purdom. Our guests also included my long-time friends Dr. Johnny Hunt, Dr. Charles Ware, and Dr. Voddie Bauchum. Also present were guests Michael O’Brien, who led us daily in worship, and hymn-writers Keith and Kristyn Getty, who performed two special concerts, at the conference and during one of the evenings. Here are some photos from this powerful event:

  • Bodie Hodge at Answers for Pastors
  • Dr. Charles Ware at Answers for Pastors
  • Getty Concert
  • Getty Concert Worship
  • Joe Owen at Answers for Pastors
  • Dr. Johnny Hunt at Answers for Pastors
  • Keith Getty at Answers for Pastors
  • Ken Ham at Answers for Pastors
  • Worship at Answers for Pastors
  • Terry Mortenson at Answers for Pastors
  • Dr. Voddie Bachman at Answers for Pastors
Attendees said the teaching was so in-depth, and each speaker encouraged and equipped them to better think and act biblically.

I heard from dozens of attendees who shared how helpful the conference was to them. They said the teaching was so in-depth, and each speaker encouraged and equipped them to better think and act biblically regarding the culturally charged issue of so-called “race.” It was such a powerful conference! You can watch several of the sessions, which were livestreamed during the conference, on our Answers in Genesis YouTube channel.

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I encourage you to register now for our 2020 Answers for Pastors & Leaders Conference, October 6–8, 2020 (and of course, anyone can register to come—not just church leaders). The theme next year is going to be very powerful—and very appropriate to an election year when the culture is going especially crazy on this issue. The topic is “The Bible & Sexuality: Practical Answers for Today’s World.” Sexuality, marriage, and gender are some of the most hot-button issues of our day—at this conference, get equipped to think biblically and to help others practically.

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