Replacing Darwin and Quick Answers to Tough Questions Now on DVD

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People have a lot of questions about the truth of God’s Word.

  • Hasn’t science proved millions of years?
  • Where do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?
  • Why is there death and suffering?
  • What about evolution?
  • And many more.

And you can find answers to these often-asked questions, and more, in two brand-new DVDs from Answers in Genesis.

These new DVDs feature teaching from AiG speakers and researchers Bryan Osborne and Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, based on their books Quick Answers to Tough Questions and Replacing Darwin. Bryan does an excellent job in his new Quick Answers to Tough Questions DVD giving quick but effective answers to these objections to the truth of God’s Word.

Quick Answers to Tough Questions DVD

The new Quick Answers to Tough Questions DVD features answers to twenty of the most-asked questions we receive at AiG.

In the Replacing Darwin DVD, Dr. Jeanson (who has a PhD in biology from Harvard) shares his research from genetics about the origin of the species and how what we observe in genetics is a confirmation of a biblical model and a major challenge to the evolutionary model.

Replacing Darwin DVD

Replacing Darwin is a powerful presentation that will open your eyes to how much trouble evolutionary ideas are in.

I encourage you to add these two presentations from two popular presenters to your home or church library. You can find these resources, and many others, on our online bookstore at

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