Answers with Ken Ham Radio: Changing Lives for 25 Years

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Our Answers radio program is 25 years old this month! In October of 1994, about 100 radio stations started carrying our feature. Back then, it was 90 seconds. A few years later, we discovered that more and more Christian stations were seeking 60-second features instead, so we shortened the program to one minute, and very soon, hundreds of additional radio stations started broadcasting the Answers program.

I just concluded recording program 6,640! Wow. We’ve been told these thousands of radio broadcasts have blessed countless souls for 25 years. Here are two testimonies we received just in the past few days about the impact of the Answers program.

“Your program caught this atheist’s attention on WCDR Radio in Cedarville, Ohio. Then I heard about a Creation Science seminar you would be giving at Cedarville College. I couldn’t imagine how you could put those two things—creation and science—together! I sat in rapt attention. Thank you, Lord, -- I haven’t been the same since! “—D.Y., Ohio (on Facebook)

Here’s another wonderful testimony, from a man who stumbled across a Christian radio station in the Portland, Oregon area (he said he was tired of listening to rock music) and heard our Answers program, which was a brand-new feature. He told us he was not a Christian. As a youth he attended a church in a mainline denomination where he says he can’t recall ever hearing the gospel preached. Listening to our program prompted him to study the Bible and apologetics, and he discovered that “I can trust the Bible!” Soon after, he received Christ. Here’s what he emailed to us:

I read yesterday that Ken has now been doing the radio spots for 25 years. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that 24 years ago, that radio spot was instrumental in my salvation. As someone who believed that God created everything, but who also believed that evolution had been shown to be true, I surmised that God had used evolution to create. I was so excited to realize that the Bible could be trusted and taken literally!

God gave me a hunger for his Word, and shortly thereafter I gave my life to Christ while listening to testimonies during a John MacArthur service [Grace Community Church in California]. I have since been very active in sharing the truth of the authority of God's Word.

Thank you so much for your ministry and faithfulness through the years!
—J.D., Oregon

Every day, Monday through Friday, we tackle a question that relates to the Bible’s accuracy and authority. Whether it’s gay “marriage,” creation vs. evolution, the state of our culture, dinosaurs, etc., we look at what the Bible teaches . . . and in just 60 seconds!

Here is how our very first program in 1994 sounded—I gave a virtual mini-history of dinosaurs in just under 90 seconds!

I hope our radio program has been a blessing to you and your family. We have grown to more than 1,000 stations, praise God. And the program can also be heard online anytime at There is even a Spanish-language version called “Respuestas en Génesis,” and it is now airing on over 100 additional stations in Latin America. Find out more at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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