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Labs are a huge part of high school science. The best learning happens when students can be hands-on, discovering truths for themselves. But labs can be very challenging for homeschool families as they often involve expensive or specialized equipment or potentially hazardous chemicals. That’s why we’re offering high school labs here at the Creation Museum in our new laboratory specially set up for these programs.

We offered biology labs last year, and they were incredibly popular. We’re excited to be offering four separate lab experiences for the 2019–2020 school year. Choose from biology, chemistry, physics, or forensic science (where else can you get a forensic science lab?).

These labs take place on twelve days throughout the school year. Each day features two labs, two hours long each—that’s a total of 24 labs! These labs are hands-on, with world-class instructors, and, of course, are presented within the lens of a biblical worldview. You can’t find a program like this anywhere else!

And, if you register for our high school labs through June, you’ll enjoy a savings of 15% and one free pass to the Creation Museum for each day of the labs (that’s a total of 12 free passes!). We only have 30 slots available for each lab, so register soon to avoid disappointment.

Roger Patterson, who will be teaching our chemistry labs, recently did a Facebook Live with education specialist Dr. Jennifer Rivera and me. We blew stuff up in the lab to show you what you can expect from this lab. Have fun watching this—and watch for my reaction when the unexpected occurs!

Don’t miss out on this exceptional educational experience, all within the lens of a biblical worldview. Learn more and register today.

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