Camp Infinity: A One-of-a-Kind Creation STEM Camp

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Do you have a son or daughter interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)? STEM is an area of particular interest in today’s world because the future of scientific research and technological integration relies on the incorporation of the STEM fields and training young people to know how to collaborate and apply STEM. Well, if your young person would love to grow in their knowledge of STEM—and do so from a uniquely biblical worldview—I encourage you to consider sending them to Camp Infinity.

Campers will do hands-on STEM activities while they learn to view and filter everything through a biblical worldview.

Camp Infinity (Ci) is a unique camp here in Northern Kentucky. Campers will do hands-on STEM activities while they learn to view and filter everything through a biblical worldview. Each Ci camper tours the Creation Museum, and overnight campers also head to the Ark Encounter and a secular science museum. The visit to both the Creation Museum and a secular museum highlights that the battle regarding origins is over conflicting worldviews—not over the evidence. We love Ci’s mission and are thrilled to have them bring campers to the Creation Museum and Ark to teach young people to love God’s Word and study his world for his glory.

Ci still has spots open for the 2019 summer season (called Ci 6.0). Your camper (grades 7–12) can join them for day camp (a 3-day camp) or overnight camp (a 5-day camp), or the whole family can learn and grow together during family camp. Younger campers (grades 3–6) will enjoy kids camp.

And they still have scholarship opportunities available. Because of everything they offer and the high-quality of STEM education they seek to provide, Ci costs more than your average “church camp.” But God has blessed Ci with several supporters who love their ministry and have created a scholarship fund to help campers based on need. They want every child who is interested in STEM to be able to come. Simply contact Camp Infinity to find out about these wonderful scholarship opportunities and to see what you qualify for.

Ci 6.0 is fast approaching, so be sure to register today to secure your child’s spot and to have time to apply for scholarships. Learn more at

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