Join Drs. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell for an Unforgettable South Africa Safari

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My friend Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a medical doctor and speaker for Answers in Genesis, and his wife, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, a former obstetrician and a frequent writer for our website, are getting very excited about their upcoming adventure to South Africa with Living Passages to lead an African photo safari. This Creation Safari Tour, June 7–17, 2019, will be an unforgettable trip for them—and you could be going, too!

Living Passages African Safari Trip

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Living Passages has planned an exciting trip including interactions with elephants in their natural habitat, a walk with lions, stargazing in the southern hemisphere, and scouting for hippos, rhinos, and other iconic African wildlife. The accommodations are luxurious, and, during downtime, you can enjoy a massage or soak in the spa, a game of golf, fishing, archery, hunting, horseback safari, and more. This doesn’t sound like a work trip for Tommy and Liz to me!

I’m kidding, of course. Both Tommy and Liz will both be teaching, providing you and your family with solid biblical worldview instruction. They are very knowledgeable about God’s Word, science, and history and are thrilled to be able to share some of that with families while enjoying God’s incredible creation as seen in South Africa. By the way, AiG co-founder Mark Looy will be on the safari as well, so you can have some fellowship time with Mark and get some “behind-the-scenes” AiG news from him.

This trip is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. Don’t miss out! Register with Living Passages today to secure your spot. Learn more on the outreach page of our website.

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