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As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I am excited to announce the release of Ready to Return: Bringing Back the Church’s Lost Generation. We have a great opportunity for you to be able to read the first chapter for free and watch my video, Already Gone.

I believe this book will be a vital resource to equip pastors, parents, and every Christian to reach out to the millennials in our churches—many of whom have lost their biblical foundation (or were never taught it), and bring them back to the authority of the Word of God. This generation is the tipping point for what will happen in America’s future.

Here is an excerpt from my book Ready to Return and be sure to take advantage of the free chapter below:

From a human perspective, the Western Church appears to be in big trouble. Any astute observer can see that the culture of the Church is becoming more secularized with each passing day. And in this book, we are detailing new research on the Church that will reveal distressing trends — and particularly with millennials. In many ways, even the leadership of the Church has adopted many of the world’s beliefs and teachings. As a result, Jesus’ Bride does not influence the culture as it once did. On the contrary, this book will demonstrate how the culture is influencing the Church in critical areas. But what often goes unnoticed is the damage that has been done in the hearts and minds of coming generations. The latest research conducted by America’s Research Group reveals shocking realities concerning the state of the evangelical Church in America — a picture of what is happening through the Western world. And the looming question is, “Where will the Church be in the next generation?” The research is very eye opening, and provides a grave warning for the Church and its leaders. The results of our research should also alert every parent, as it reveals where their children and the next generation already are, spiritually speaking. This generation of millennials will fundamentally change the culture, unless they return to a truly biblical foundation. But this is also a call to action for Christians in this millennial demographic.

You can read the first full chapter for free as a special preview. You can order your own copy of Ready to Return for your home or church library from our online store.

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