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In children’s ministry it is sometimes difficult to retain workers to help with training this next generation. At Answers in Genesis we have a passion for reaching the next generation with God’s Word and the gospel and for equipping leaders in the church to reach young people. We need a generation of young people who aren’t afraid to stand on the authority of God’s Word and the gospel in a society that is increasingly becoming hostile to God’s Word. Well, if you are involved in children’s ministry at your church, you will want to tune in for a free one-hour webinar we’re hosting on July 22 at 1:00 PM (EST).

This free webinar will teach you how to provide the foundation to not only keep your volunteers involved in children’s ministry, but also motivate them to engage kids that keep coming back for more. You will hear from Ryan Frank, CEO of KidzMatter; Eric Hovind of Creation Today; and Answers in Genesis’ own Bryan Osborne, Bodie Hodge, Ruth Carter, and Stacia McKeever.

I encourage you to register for this webinar here and be sure to tune in on July 22.

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