Cedarville Student Stands Firm on God’s Word

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We often receive encouraging testimonies from people who have been strengthened and equipped with AiG resources. I thought I would share with you this testimony from a young lady, now a student at Cedarville University in Ohio, who used our resources as a teenager and found that they helped her navigate through the difficult years of questioning her faith in high school.

You can watch Jana’s testimony, filmed and edited by Caleb Caucutt:

Like Jana said in her video, today’s high school and college students are having their faith assaulted both in and out of the classroom. As we showed in my coauthored book Already Gone, about two-thirds of young people are leaving the church by college (with few returning), and this is largely due to unanswered questions about the Christian faith. Students need to be shown that they can trust God’s Word from the very beginning and that the observational evidence, when interpreted through the lens of God’s Word, confirms the Bible’s account of history.

One way that you can help equip your young people (or yourself!) to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning is by enrolling them in one of our online classes that Jana mentioned in her video. These classes are a fun way of learning with students of all different ages from all over the globe. There are both introductory and advanced classes, and they are all designed to equip you to stand firmly in the faith and answer the skeptical questions of this age. I encourage you to check those out here.

By the way, Cedarville University is one of the Christian schools on AiG’s creation colleges list—go to CreationColleges.org for more details.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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