Answers in Genesis Conference February 8–9 Live Streamed/TV Broadcast

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The Answers in Genesis conference in Michigan this coming weekend, February 8 and 9, 2015, will be live streamed by the sponsoring church and Christian school, and four of the sessions plus an interview with Ken Ham will be broadcast live on the Trinity Channel through Internet and satellite television. The Trinity Channel reaches 2–3 million homes across North America and approximately 1 million viewers across New Zealand and Australia on satellite television and has a global Internet audience.

This AiG conference is sponsored by Franklin Road Christian School and Brightmoor Christian Church, 40800 W 13 Mile Rd., Novi, MI 48377-2327 (Detroit area). For details of this event (speakers and session titles), go to the event page.

Live Streamed from Church (all times in EST):

  • 9:15 and 11:15 AM on Sunday morning (same message at both services)
  • 6:00 PM (Ken Ham)
  • 7:30 PM Sunday evening (Bryan Osborne)
  • 9:00 AM (K–6 student session with Ken Ham)
  • 11:30 AM on Monday morning (high school student session with Ken Ham)
  •  6:30 PM (Ken Ham)
  •  8:00 PM (Bryan Osborne)
Here is the live stream link (will be activated for each session).

Televised Broadcast (Trinity Channel)

The televised broadcast schedule for four of the conference sessions and an interview will be as follows (all times in EST):
  • Sunday, February 8: 6:00 PM with Ken Ham – One Race, One Blood
  • Sunday, February 8: 7:30 PM with Bryan Osborne – Flood and Fossils
  • Monday, February 9: 11:00 AM with Ken Ham – Science Confirms the Bible
  • Monday, February 9: 1:30 PM with Ken Ham – Interview/Call-In Talk Show with Ken Ham
  • Monday, February 9: 6:30 PM with Ken Ham – How to Defend the Christian Faith in Today’s World
Viewers can tune into the televised broadcast of the conference and also call into the interview live at Trinity Channel studios by calling (248) 416-1300. There are several ways to tune in and watch:
  1. Internet streaming: Visit or and click on “Watch Live.”
  2. Galaxy 19 satellite download instructions (Viewers in North America): Frequency: 11966H Symbol Rate: 22,000 FEC: 3/4
  3. Optus 2 satellite download instructions (Viewers in New Zealand and Australia): Frequency:  12546V Symbol Rate: 22,500 FEC: 3/4
  4. IPTV outlets: Call (248) 416-1300 to see a list of the IPTV outlets we currently broadcast on.
(For more information on the Trinity Channel, contact Samar Gorial at (248) 416-1300 or visit

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