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For almost all Christians, Christmas is a time set aside to remember and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. While it’s important to take time all year round to reflect on the precious gift of salvation, Christmas is a great time to specifically celebrate the wonder of the Incarnation, when God became flesh. Well, we have a gift for you that will help you do just that!

Have you heard about Answers Conversation? This free weekly program, hosted by my brother, Steve, features a different creation scientist or biblical apologist each week. These informative episodes are filled with God-honoring content that upholds the authority of the Word of God from the very first verse.

The Answers Conversation page of our website describes the program this way:

Answers in Genesis is also aware that in our day having a “conversation” can reflect a diluting of the truth. The arrival of postmodernism affected the way many in the church consider the word conversation. As some church leaders have forfeited the opportunity to teach the objective truth of Scripture, a new type of conversation has appeared, defined by the acceptance of views from everyone in the conversation. The “conversation” . . . has become more about the appeasement of men in a false sense of tolerance rather than the glory of God alone.

This is our time to take back some ground on what a Christian conversation is. The Answers Conversation is a discussion of the objective propositional truth revealed to us by God through the men who were carried along by the Holy Spirit to give us His infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word. Most importantly, the Answers Conversation has been carefully positioned to guide us toward confidence in the Bible and the joy of the gospel.

The current episode features Steve Ham and Peter LaRuffa, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church (Newport, Kentucky), discussing the sheer wonder of the Incarnation. They discuss the nature of Christ, the God-man, and how the Incarnation connects with salvation. This episode is perfect for Christmastime reflection on the incredible truth of Jesus, our God, coming to Earth as a man in order that He might die and take our penalty upon Himself but then rise again to offer eternal life.

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to listen to previous episodes which have included titles such as “Can We Trust Our English Bibles?,” “How do Archaeological Discoveries Confirm the Bible?,” “What Truly Happened During the Scopes Trial?,” and “What Proof Do We Have of a Literal Adam and Eve?”

These podcasts are an excellent way of learning more about the authority and message of the Bible, as well as the observational evidence that confirms the history of the Bible. You can listen each week online, subscribe in iTunes, or subscribe to the RSS feed. I encourage you to use this excellent resource to help you build a more biblical worldview and be prepared to answer the skeptical questions of this age with solid answers from God’s Word.

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