Confound the Critics: Answers for Attacks on Biblical Truths

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I’ve had to deal with my share of critics in over 30 years of ministry! Often times I never know what I am going to be asked. And these can be stressful situations dealing with attacks on the authority of the Bible. How prepared are you for such attacks? We have a brand new book out that will help you learn how to deflect these hostile critics’ claims.

Consider for a moment the last time that you struggled to provide a solid biblical answer to a newspaper, blog, debate board, or maybe a comment on YouTube or Facebook? This can be a challenge—especially since so many writers are openly hostile to Christianity. As Christians, we are called to “sanctify the Lord God in our hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks us a reason for the hope that is in us,” but we are called to do this with “meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15). Being prepared to answer skeptics is not optional—it’s a command!

We live in a time when challenges to Christianity or the Bible’s authority are constantly being made and, by and large, these criticisms occur online in some kind of written format, though sometimes face to face as I’ve experienced for many years now. This means that an essential skill for a Christian is the ability to break down a critic’s argument and respectfully, lovingly, and powerfully present the truth. Now, here at AiG, we have developed many different resources—like the New Answers Books—that provide biblical answers to help you defend the faith. But how do you use this knowledge practically?

Confound the Critics

The need for a practical guide to countering skeptical arguments led us to produce Confound the Critics. Written by popular AiG speaker and author Bodie Hodge, this highly functional book is a collection of responses to hostile (and some friendly) critics that will teach you how to respond to questions on ethics, philosophy, morality, the sciences, evolution, biblical authority, theology, and compromise positions. Bodie breaks the critic’s letter down thought-by-thought to demonstrate how to kindly, respectfully, and powerfully answer and challenge the critic.

We live in a day and age where few know how to defend the authority of the Word of God while challenging the presuppositions of Scripture’s critics. You can equip yourself to do just that with this new resource and I encourage everyone to add it to their apologetics library.

You can order Confound the Critics on our online bookstore.

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