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In a recent blog post I warned parents of the growing compromise on biblical authority in many Christian colleges. Parents will often spend thousands of dollars trying to ensure their child receives a solid, godly education only to send them to a school that is rife with compromise. These schools actively discredit Scripture, undermine its authority and, tragically, many students are led away from their faith in Christ because of it!

That’s why we have College Expo 2014. It’s a gathering of Bible-affirming Christian colleges, all of whom have signed our statement of faith and hold to a literal, six-day creation and a young earth. At the expo students can chat with school representatives, build a strong biblical worldview during sessions by Answers in Genesis speakers, and enter to win a $500 scholarship. Expo features also include free museum tickets and a discounted rate on our new Screaming Raptor Zip Line Adventure Tour. And, best of all, registration is free for high school and college students!


This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Christian colleges across the US who strive to build up, rather than tear down, the faith of your student. I encourage you to plan to come for this free event November 14–15 at the Creation Museum. Spaces are limited, so be sure to sign up early.

For a list of participating colleges at the expo and to sign up, visit the event page.

Also, as parents and young people consider college choices, please see our special website at for a list of colleges that agree with AiG’s statement of faith.

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