Does the Bible Teach Human Evolution?

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BioLogos is at it again! Earlier this week, I wrote about how they’re indoctrinating children, teens, and young adults with theistic evolution. But now they’re running (for the second time) a blog series on the supposed evidence for human evolution!

Now, evolutionists have claimed for decades that humans evolved from an ape-like ancestor over long ages. But the so-called evidence they’ve produced for their idea doesn’t support it at all. In fact, many of the alleged fossils of “missing links” have turned out to be hoaxes, and many others are easily identified as either fully human or fully ape.

Dr. David Menton, an AiG speaker and a retired professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, explains how evolutionists create ape-men.

Knowing from Scripture that God didn’t create any ape-men, there are only three ways for the evolutionist to create one:
  1. Combine ape fossil bones with human fossil bones and declare the two to be one individual—a real “ape-man.”
  2. Emphasize certain humanlike qualities of fossilized ape bones, and with imagination upgrade apes to be more humanlike.
  3. Emphasize certain apelike qualities of fossilized human bones, and with imagination downgrade humans to be more apelike.
More articles and videos that provide the biblical view on human evolution are available on the Answers in Genesis website. You see, there is no evidence for human evolution, because the Word of the One who was there in the beginning tells us how humans were created. Scripture says that God Himself formed Adam from dust (Genesis 2:7) and Eve from Adam’s side (Genesis 2:21–22). But BioLogos denies this truth, just as they deny the history in most of Genesis chapters 1–11.

Why does it even matter whether we believe that the first humans were Adam and Eve or that there was a group of ape-like creatures who evolved a spark of humanity? Well, when BioLogos denies the existence of an historical Adam and Eve, they are essentially calling God a liar (see “‘The Search for the Historical Adam’ and Population Genomics”). They are also obscuring the understanding of the origin of death and suffering, which began as a direct result of the sin of Adam as described in Genesis chapter 3.

In addition, the New Testament’s soul-saving teachings about Jesus Christ the Son of God coming to earth to die on the Cross as the “Last Adam”—to atone for the sins of the first Adam and all Adam’s descendants—would lose their foundation if the fairy tale of human evolution were true. But it isn’t, not even when fossils are presented and all the evolutionary interpretations are superimposed upon them.

I encourage you to read the many free articles on our website about human evolution and equip yourself to respond to these sorts of claims from skeptics that lift man’s word above God’s.

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