International Spy Academy—At Two Locations in Northern Kentucky!

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The International Spy Academy is this year’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) children’s outreach produced by AiG. It just so happens that two of the larger churches in our “backyard” (northern Kentucky) used our 2014 VBS program last week to equip young people to deal with a world full of secular humanism and also to evangelize non-Christian young people. The area churches are Calvary Baptist Church of Covington and Grace Fellowship Church of Florence.

We are so grateful that these churches—and thousands like them across America—are using our growing-in-popularity VBS curriculum to equip young people to have answers so they can defend the Christian faith in our secularized world and to share the Christian faith with neighborhood kids. In an era when our young people are being bombarded with anti-Bible messages in the public schools, media, and museums that undermine the Christian faith, AiG’s VBS program will help them understand that the Bible is relevant in our modern scientific age. And with an apologetics thrust, International Spy Academy is unique among the VBS choices out there—it’s not fluff, but solid Bible teaching, yet presented in a fun and engaging way. And it's getting rave reviews from churches around America, along with salvation testimonies.

Here are three photos taken at Calvary Baptist Church and its International Spy Academy program that were used last week as an outreach to children:




And here is a photo of the sign outside Grace Fellowship, encouraging families in the neighborhood to attend the International Spy Academy VBS last week:

Our VBS website is (with a promotional video), which we hope you will send as a link to your church leadership. Even though it might be too late this summer for some churches to schedule our 2014 VBS, please send your pastor this link so he can consider our 2015 program.

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