Dawkins, Krauss, and the Atheist Crusade

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Well-known atheists Richard Dawkins (a vehement anti-creationist from England) and Lawrence Krauss (from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University and director of its Origins Project) are on a crusade.

They star in a documentary called The Unbelievers, and they are now crusading across America to try to convert people to atheism. I use the word star because the film treats them like rock stars, as cameras follow these atheist celebrities traveling to their different crusades. Their latest crusade was at the campus of Ohio State University.  AiG geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom was there—OSU is her alma mater (she received her PhD in molecular genetics from that university). She watched the film and then heard Dawkins and Krauss answer questions.

Dr. Purdom has written an interesting report on the movie and about the answers Dawkins and Krauss gave to the audience—it’s our lead article on the AiG website today.

Dr. Purdom makes this statement in the article:

In the movie Dawkins asks, “Why do we exist? What is the purpose?” He states that these are silly questions and that, in the truest sense, there is no meaning and purpose. We should simply try to leave the earth better off than it was before we existed. Krauss even said we should celebrate the fact that we are more insignificant than we thought and we need to create our own meaning and purpose.

During the Q&A, I got the impression that the idea of no true meaning and purpose in life is a difficult concept for atheists to accept.

She also states the following as part of her conclusion:
The Unbelievers made the hatred that Dawkins and Krauss have toward religion—especially the God of the Bible—very apparent. Dawkins said science is beautiful and wonderful and that religion was dull, boring, and petty. Krauss sees himself as “launch[ing] out against the forces of evil [referring to religion].” When he said that, I immediately thought of this passage from Isaiah 5:
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, And prudent in their own sight! (Isaiah 5:20–21)
I urge you to read the entire eye-opening article on our website today.

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