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Since my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” in February, there has been a lot of interest in many of the arguments that Mr. Nye put forward during the debate. While we had a specific focus on the question of the debate topic at hand and what we believed were the most important issues to properly deal with in the limited time available, we have been encouraged to see so many people looking at the many debate-related articles and reviews that further answer Mr. Nye’s arguments, including those outside the debate topic.

The main point I brought forth in the debate is that historical science—which is not testable and not observable—requires a presupposition. At Answers in Genesis we are unashamed of starting with God's Word and trusting in God who has always been there to tell us what happened. It is on this basis that we are able to show how observational science confirms the history given to us in Scripture.

Recently, Steve Ham recorded a whole series of Answers Conversation podcasts with the team of scientists and biblical specialists here at Answers in Genesis to present the biblical answers to many of Bill Nye's arguments. Starting this week, there will be a series of twelve podcasts on the Nye debate, and for the next twelve weeks Steve will cover such issues as ice cores, animal fossils across layers, astronomy questions, the chart of hominid skulls, and many other interesting subjects. If you have not already read the long list of articles and other references in our debate list, perhaps listening to one of these podcasts each week will help you.

Don't forget that you can also get your very own DVD copy of the debate and the follow-up review.

Undensored Science: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham DVD

I know you won't be disappointed hearing this great information as Steve speaks with respected scholars about the important issues raised by Mr. Nye in the debate. You can access the podcast on our website, through an RSS or iTunes feed, or on YouTube.

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