The Bible Is Not Like the “Telephone Game”

by Ken Ham

During the recent debate I had with Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” in commenting about the Bible, Mr. Nye claimed that the Bible came to us like a game of telephone. Well, I was so encouraged to learn about a short video that two young dedicated Christian ladies produced to answer Mr. Nye’s false accusation that the Bible was supposedly handed down to us over the centuries like a game of telephone.

I urge you to watch this short video—not only to help you refute the so-called “telephone game” claim, but to assist you in defending your faith and to encourage you to see the Christian maturity of many of our young people, like these two who produced this video. I pray this example will prompt other young people to become more active and vocal in standing on the authority of the Word of God and defending the Christian faith in a public way.

I have been thrilled at the enormous number of young people who have told us that they watched the Bill Nye debate and as a result have been emboldened to be more vocal about defending the Christian faith and proclaiming the gospel. So many young people—even those at Christian schools that compromise God’s Word in Genesis—have told us how the debate has motivated them to be more active as Christians.

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